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Welcome To Gallagher Concrete Construction, Inc.

Cast-in-Place Concrete Contractors serving the New England Area.

Based in Boston MA, we carry out Concrete Construction Turn-Key Projects as well as contracts individually tailored to fit clients’ needs.

We work directly with Architects, Owners, Developers, General Contractors, Sub-Contractors and Engineers etc in the Private, Public and Institutional Sectors.

We have experience in a wide variety of concrete work such as Foundations, Footings, Cast-in-Place Concrete Elevated Structures, Architectural Finishes, Flatwork, Elevated Slabs, Slabs on Grade, Shear Walls, Elevator Pits, Renovation work, Handicap Accessible Ramps, Stairs, Pile Caps, One Sided Walls, Retaining Walls and landscape work etc.

Professional Quality and Service, on Time”, is what defines Gallagher Concrete Construction Inc.


Contractor Name: Payton, Boston, MA
Project Name: Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, Boston, MA
Description: Architectural Security Barriers & Landscape Features.

Contractor Name: JJ Vaccaro, Somerville, MA
Project Name: Home Depot, Chelsea, MA
Description: Foundation, grade beam walls for retail warehouse.

Contractor Name: Sea-Dar, Boston, MA
Project Name: 260 Commercial St. Condominiums, Boston, MA
Description: 5 story cast-in-place residential building & associated foundation work.

Contractor Name: Hamilton Construction, Boston, MA
Project Name: 164 Harvard Street Condominiums, Brookline, MA
Description: 4 story metal deck building on Cast-in-Place Concrete Foundation

Contractor Name: Hamilton Construction, Boston, MA
Project Name: 32-40 Boylston St. Condominiums, Malden, MA
Description: 6 story cast-in-place residential building and associated foundation work.

Contractor Name: AJ Martini, Winchester, MA
Project Name: Malden Place Condos, Boston, MA
Description: 4 floors, 140,000sf of Slab on Metal Deck foundation, 14' high walls for residential building.

Contractor Name: Shawmut Design & Construction, Boston, MA
Project Name: Boston College Alumni Stadium, Chestnut Hill, MA
Description: Foundation for Football Stadium Stand & Athletic Center.

Contractor Name: Suffolk Construction, Boston, MA
Project Name: Stop & Shop, Boston, MA
Description: Foundation for Supermarket Owner Controlled Insurance Program.

Contractor Name: AJ Martini Inc.
Project Name: Chinatown Community Education Center
Description: 7 Story Cast-in-Place Concrete Structure.